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Our assortment in cornhole is quality tested and approved by
ACL (American Cornhole League)

Cornhole games and Cornhole boards

Cornhole games & boards

Order our complete cornhole games consisting of both cornhole boards and bags. Official competition size and quality stamped.

Cornhole bags and bean bags

Cornhole bags

Our cornhole bags are available in several different colors and are always of official competition size and weight.

Custom cornhole boards and gamesCustom cornhole boards and games

Custom cornhole boards

Order a custom cornhole game with your own design. We help you print your logo on our cornhole boards.


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If you are looking for high quality cornhole products, then you are in the right place.

We design, manufacture and sell high-quality products for those who want to play cornhole. With hundreds of satisfied customers behind us (just look at our great customer reviews), you can trust that we deliver good material.


Official competition measurements

Our cornhole games are 120x60cm in size and thus meet official competition measurements from the American Cornhole League (ACL).


The thickness of the board

The landing surface of our Cornhole Standard is 10mm while the Premium is 15mm and provides even better stability.



Retractable legs

All our cornholes have retractable legs for easier storage and transport.


Support plate on the back

Our Cornhole Premium has a stable and supportive plate on the back to further increase stability.

Cornhole designed in Sweden and delivered to whole Europe

Cornhole is the perfect garden game – but of course it works just as well indoors. With two boards and eight bags, you can create your family’s, friends’ or colleagues’ new favorite game. Cornhole involves throwing cornhole bags at a cornhole board and trying to hit the hole. You score when your team’s bags go through the hole or stay on the board. The main advantage of cornhole is that it is easy to play and anyone can participate without previous experience. Read more about the sport in our Cornhole guide or as it is also called, Bean Bag Game.

When you buy a Cornhole from the Cornhole store, it means that you get a high-quality game, you pay securely with PayPal and of course you get world-class customer service. One of the great advantages of Cornhole is that they can be played in everything from the garden and the office to the competition venue or on the beach. In addition, it is easy for everyone to join and participate, regardless of previous experience or level.


Our cornhole boards are quality stamped by ACL (American Cornhole League), which means that they are really high quality. We are the only Swedish store to hold the quality stamp.

Custom cornhole boards

We have helped private individuals, companies, teams and schools to produce custom cornhole games with their own design. Below we list a couple of examples of major brands we have delivered cornhole boards to. Read more about how you can order your custom cornhole with your own logo and design.


We helped the restaurant chain Texas Longhorn to manufacture cornhole games with their own design for their “Entertainment area” during the Lollapalooza festival.

Custom cornhole boards - AR Energy
AR Functional drinks logo

We helped AR Functional to manufacture a beautiful custom cornhole set that is used to strengthen branding (+ fun) in connection with events.

Custom cornhole design - Wurth
Wurth logo

We delivered several custom cornhole games to Würth’s stores in northern Sweden – increased branding and customer satisfaction in the stores.

Anton Gustafsson founder of Cornholestore which sells cornhole games
"Cornhole is America's most played sport last year*...

Now the sport is coming to Europe and we think it's the funnest garden game of the year!"
Founder of

*According to a survey by

Why should you order at Cornholestore?

Our objective is simple; we want to help cornhole grow in Europe. This means that we want to spread interest in the game in the best possible way – and how can we do that?
The simple philosophy we strive for is simply to be able to offer really good cornhole games at even nicer prices and terms!

…and of course it is just as important to us that we deliver Europe’s best-looking cornhole boards 😉

Cornhole store logo
"Fast delivery and nice products. Extra plus for fantastic treatment in personal contact. Really recommended!"
Sofie Kellgren
The review was left by Sofie after she bought a Cornhole Standard from us at Cornholestore.

Frequently asked questions about our cornhole games

There are several different details that distinguish our Cornhole Standard from Cornhole Premium. Some of the most significant differences are better materials combined with a stable construction. In addition, the surface is treated several times for a better glide.

We tend to say that Cornhole Standard works very well for those of you who see cornhole as a garden game, while the Premium game is more like competition boards.

Note that both cornhole games have official dimensions (120×60 cm), which is the same size as e.g. The ACL (American Cornhole League) plays along.

We normally deliver your new cornhole game within 5-10 working days.

During certain periods there may be high pressure in the factory and the delivery time may be slightly extended. Contact us if you want to know more precisely.

We send both boards and bags together in a large carton. These are delivered directly to your home and you need to be there to receive the game. Postnord will offer you to book a “time slot” that suits you to receive the package.

Yes, you can order a cornhole game with your own design. We print e.g. photos, logos and messages on your new game. Read more under the “Cornhole with own design” tab in the main menu.

Our cornholes consist of Baltic birch to get as stiff a board as possible. After that, the boards are UV-printed with the desired motif and then varnished in 2-3 layers. The cornhole bags consist of plastic granules and canvas fabric for best durability.

We promote cornhole in Europe to grow as a sport. Our goal is to spread the sport through increased interest and do so by delivering really good games at an even better price. In addition, we offer other advantages such as fast and secure payments and short delivery times.

What is the difference between the different games?

There are many different names for the games we offer. The American and more classic names are Cornhole, Bean Bag Game, Bean Bag Toss and Baggo. All these names are really just different names for the same game – which is basically called Cornhole.

Among the Swedish variants we find Kastspel, Kasta ärtpåse, Kasta beanpåse and Bean Bag games.

The general thing you can see is that if you search on “cornhole” you will find more real, proper and serious games compared to a search on “Bean bag games” which gives a result that shows cheaper and simpler games.

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