This is how our cornholes are made

Below you can see how we create our cornhole games together with Europe’s leading manufacturers/suppliers.

Step 1: Assembling the cornhole board

The first step in the manufacture of our cornholes is of course the assembly of the parts themselves. Our cornhole boards are made of high quality and hard birch. This means that the boards are hard, stable and have a very good durability.

The boards are manufactured in China by Europe’s leading cornhole factory, which then puts the finishing touches on the games in terms of important details such as printing and painting.

Please note that the games differ depending on the type of quality you order. This page shows what a “COMP” game looks like.

Step 2: UV printing​

The next step in production is to print our cornhole boards with either our own motifs or the customer’s own design. We use a modern printing machine that provides a durable UV print that will last for many years to come.

Thanks to the good printer, we can create motifs with extremely good color and pattern reproduction while the contours of the wood are still visible. The boards are printed in our partner factory located in Europe.

Read more about how you can design your own cornhole or view our range of cornhole games.

Step 3: Varnish

The third and final step is varnishing the surface of the board. This is done in batches to secure the board’s durability and protection against wear. In addition to the protection, the board also gets a great glide.

The varnish is also handled by our partner factory in Holland. This happens in several different layers depending on the quality of the game you order.

Once the game has been varnished and dried, it is ready for delivery directly to your door (or business).

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