7 best outdoor games: Backyard games for kids and adults 2024

Best outdoor games and garden games

We at the Cornhole Store are specialists in outdoor games and of course vote a little extra because a cornhole game is the best garden game. The advantage of a backyard cornhole is that anyone can play the game. Whether you’ve played many times before or it’s your first time, everyone can join.

In this article, we list the 7 best outdoor games for both children and adults. We have of course tested and played all the garden games on the list ourselves to be able to decide which ones we think are the most fun. 


Cornhole is the best outdoor game for kids and adults (family)
Me and my partner when we play Cornhole in the garden.

1. Cornhole

Cornhole is the game that is currently exploding in Swedish homes and workplaces that want their employees to be able to do something fun on their breaks and during AWn.

In the United States and some parts of Europe, cornhole is a popular sport practiced professionally by hundreds of thousands of people. There are of course many official leagues and associations while some supporters even want cornhole to become an Olympic sport.

Interest in Cornhole is growing so fast in Europe and many homes and workplaces want to be able to offer the simple, but fun game for their guests!

Cornhole involves throwing filled bags against a board and through a hole. When you hit the hole you get 3 points, if your bag lands and stops on the board you get 1 point and if you miss the board you get 0 points.

The basic cornhole rules are simple which means that anyone can play the game – but there is also an awful lot of tactics and technique for those who want to develop their cornhole game. 

Cornhole simply offers something for everyone and that’s why we highlight it as the best gardening game!

Watch the video to learn more about how to play Cornhole.

How to buy the game

Buy your cornhole game from us at Cornholestore.com. We are one of Europe’s leading cornhole stores and have, in collaboration with Europe’s leading factory, produced boards of the highest quality combined with modern and stylish design.

Our cornhole games can be purchased in different sizes and qualities to fit your situation as well as possible.

Cornhole store logo

Price: €99-279


The advantages of cornhole are obvious – you get a game that everyone can participate in. The game is easy to play at a hobby level and it’s perfect for mingling with guests or family as it doesn’t require much concentration except for your throw.

A complete set of cornhole boards and bags from us at the Cornhole store is affordable and will last for many years to come.


We sell cornhole boards with both the official size (120×60 cm) and smaller models. Although the legs can be folded in, the games take up some space when it comes to storage. We keep our game itself hung on the wall (hooks through the holes on the board) in our storage room.

The games should withstand some moisture but it is recommended to store them indoors when not playing.

Croquet - best outdoor games for your backyard

2. Croquet

Croquet is another favorite when we visit our parents’ garden in the summer. It is perhaps one of those games in which you, as a parent, need to keep a little more control over the child if he or she is going to participate.

Croquet involves hitting a ball to move forward on the lawn. You must pass through “gates” and then get extra hits. The game is played in turn order and you can get extra strokes by e.g. pass a gate or “collide” the opponent’s ball.

Watch the video to learn more about how to play Croquet.

This is how you buy the game

Croquet can be bought in many different stores, but we recommend you to order your game from Amazon.

Price: fr. €40


The advantages of croquet are that you get a slightly more sophisticated game for the garden. Here, more focus, strategy and technique are required compared to many other garden games such as e.g. bowler. Precisely the slightly more advanced level appeals to many adults as it often becomes a more challenging outdoor game.


There are, in our eyes, two obvious disadvantages of croquet; the first is that it is difficult to participate in a good way as a child and the second is that there is relatively a lot of preparation and many things to put together each time.

Kubb-best outdoor games for your backyard

3. Kubb

Kubb is a real Swedish classic when it comes to outdoor games. The majority of all Swedes have probably tested or at least watched when a match kubb has taken place in the garden.

Kubb involves throwing wooden sticks that will knock over wooden blocks. Both teams stand on opposite sides of the playing field with their wooden blocks lined up about a meter apart. When the game starts, the first team throws six wooden sticks and then the turn passes to the next team. Depending on whether the first team hits one of the cubes, the other team needs to do different things before they can throw at the first team’s cubes.

Watch the video to learn more about how to play Kubb.

How to buy the game

One of the most important aspects when buying a block for your garden is to choose a game with high quality and good weight in the wood. If you buy cheaper models, the wind can easily affect how the rods move in the air. We recommend the game from Amazon.

Price: fr. €50


The advantages of cube is that it is a very affordable outdoor game for the garden. It also doesn’t take up much space and it’s quick to set up the playing field. It is also easy to play and suits the whole family and friends as everyone can participate at their level.


The advantages of cube is that it is a very affordable outdoor game for the garden. It also doesn’t take up much space and it’s quick to set up the playing field. It is also easy to play and suits the whole family and friends as everyone can participate at their level.

Jenga Giant - best outdoor games for your backyard

4. Jenga Giant

Jenga Giant is, as you probably understand, a fun take on the classic board game Jenga. This larger model should definitely be played outdoors or on a floor you’re not afraid of. The game is available in different sizes and designs, which means you can choose the one that suits your surface best.

Jenga Giant involves you and your opponent taking turns removing a block from a tower. Whoever takes a brick while the tower is collapsing has lost. A game that can be played with both children and adults.

Watch the video to learn more about how to play Jenga Giant.

How to buy the game

Order the real game directly from JengaGiant.com to get the best quality. Shipping will certainly be expensive, but maybe you can team up with a family member, co-worker or neighbor who wants to order a game at the same time.

Price: fr. $120


The game is easy to set up and start playing while it doesn’t take up much space when stored. If you buy the real Jenga Giant, it comes with a storage bag or box for easier storage. Because the game is so easy to play and the rules are so few, it is a good game for both children and adults.


One of the major disadvantages is that the game cannot be played on the lawn. It is also important that the surface on which the tower stands is level to get the most out of the game.

Mölkky-best outdoor games for your backyard

5. Mölkky

Mölkky is often seen as a modern take on Kubb. We thought it was really fun to play instead of blocks when we first got it home.

You use similar wooden rods to throw against numbered wooden pins. If you knock down a pin, you get the score that the pin shows. If you knock down two or more pins, you get as many points as the number of pins you hit.

You win by collecting exactly 50 points. If you go over 50 points, you go down to 25 points and can start climbing again.

Watch the video to learn more about how to play Mölkky.

This is how you buy the game

Amazon offers Mölkky original in a fine wooden box. The product has a high rating and should be seen as the best choice if you want to invest in this outdoor game.

Price: fr. €30


The game is both affordable to purchase and takes up very little space to store. It’s easy to set up the game plan for a new round and it takes a lot of strategy and thought to win.


Mölkky is one of the most difficult garden games for children to perform. Mölkky should therefore be seen as an outdoor game for adults or at least slightly older children.

Dart- best outdoor games for your backyard

6. Dart

Darts might be the outdoor game I’ve played the most times since childhood on this list. Everyone knows what kind of game darts is, or at least if you use darts as a description. Darts is a precision game where you have to throw darts at a scoreboard. There are many different game variants to choose from.

Watch the video to learn more about how to play darts (501).

How to buy the game

We recommend ordering a high quality dart from Amazon.

Price: fr. €40


If you have a wall surface where you can hang the dartboard under cover, it can hang outside and ready throughout the summer. This allows you to easily play quick and short matches when you feel like it.

It is possible to invest in darts for the patio for relatively low sums, but we recommend that you buy a slightly nicer game with, above all, nicer darts that weigh a little more. Then the wind does not affect the direction of the arrow as much.


The sharp arrows mean that darts are not suitable for younger children. Another disadvantage that is important to consider is that you need a wall surface to hang the game on. 

The wall tends to have many small holes in it as some players can miss the board and hit the wall instead.

Giant pick-up sticks-best outdoor games for your backyard

7. Giant pick-up sticks

The name quickly reveals what this game is all about. A giant picking stick is an exact copy of the classic pick-up stick. But this vintage is best suited for the balcony or in the garden. The sticks in this outdoor game version are almost a meter long and a centimeter thick. Challenge a family member or a good friend to a giant picking stick the next time you compete in the garden.

Watch the video to learn more about how to play pick-up sticks.

How to buy the game

We recommend that you order the Bex Giant Picking Stick from Amazon if you want to get a high-quality game home.

Price: fr. €10


Gigantic picking stick is the outdoor game with the lowest price tag on the list. Here you get a really good game for around €50, but you can find cheaper models than that.

The garden game can be played by both adults and children.


It’s hard to find any direct downsides to a giant pick. Maybe it can be a little too monotonous in the long run compared to e.g. cornhole or croquet, but it’s up to you as the user to decide.

Comparison of the different garden games

Below, we have compiled the best outdoor games for the garden. The table compares the games against what they cost to buy and whether they are best suited for adults or children.

 Outdoor gameSuitable forPrice
1.CornholeChildren & adultsfr. €99,00
2.CroquetOlder children & adultsfr. €40,00
3.KubbChildren & adultsfr. €50,00
4.Jenga GiantChildren & adultsfr. €120,00
5.MölkkyOlder children & adultsfr. €30,00
6.DartOlder children & adultsfr. €40,00
7.Giant pick-up sticksChildren & adultsfr. €10,00


This top list of the best garden games and outdoor games gives you a good overview of the games you can choose from. We have chosen to highlight different types of games that require different amounts of both purchase and preparation for each match.

These garden games are suitable for adults and older children. This means that you should get a babysitter if your children are small in order to play the games with your guests most easily.

We may be biased, but cornhole is undoubtedly the best outdoor game for your yard this year. Take a look at our range and enjoy our fast delivery time – you can throw your first cornhole bags in just a couple of days if you place your order today.

Good luck with your new outdoor game for the garden!

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