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Cornhole games with discount

On this page you will find our cornhole games with a reduced price. It is not a clearance sale, but instead we can offer these games at a promotional price as we manufacture these in larger quantities and can thus lower the price. In addition, we keep these cornhole boards in stock, which means we can deliver your order lightning fast.

American Cornhole League approved manufacturer.


Why are these cornhole boards discounted?

These games are exactly the same as the rest of the cornhole games in the REC Premium series. Below you can read about why we can offer these cornhole games at a discounted price.

First reason

Large inventory

We have produced hundreds of games of these models to bring the price down. This means that the factory has been able to cut costs and give us a better package price.

Second reason

Packaged and ready for delivery

These games are packed and ready to ship with the two most popular colors of cornhole bags (blue and red). This means that we minimize the handling of the order and can therefore cut costs.


Reviews of previous customers about our cornhole games

Below we have listed reviews that our previous customers have left on either or on (our Swedish store). We have received over 100 reviews with top ratings from previous customers.


Super contact with Anton! The delivery and booking went great, smooth and easy!


Stylish and good cornhole boards! Great bags! We are very pleased! +++++


We are super satisfied, it was a real hit at the fair! Nice treatment, top quality and fast shipping. Many thanks!

ACL Rec seal from American Cornhole League

Quality seals and stamps from

ACL (American Cornhole League

Our cornhole games are made of the highest quality using birch plywood. We offer probably the best cornhole boards in Europe. If nothing else, it shows our suppliers official seal of quality from the ACL (American Cornhole League). We combine that with offering low shipping fees and lightning-fast deliveries. Of course, both our cornhole games and cornhole bags are made in official competition size. However, there are smaller cornhole boards to choose from as well.


If you are looking for high quality cornhole games for a cheap price, then you are in the right place.

We design, manufacture and sell high-quality products for those who want to play cornhole. With hundreds of satisfied customers (just look at our great customer reviews), you can trust that we deliver high quality cornhole boards and bags to a discounted price.


Official competition measurements

Our cornhole games comes in different sizes. Our most popular game is 120x60cm in size and thus meet official competition measurements from the American Cornhole League (ACL). But we also offer smaller boards.


The thickness of the board

The landing surface of our cornhole boards is 10-15mm depending on model and provides a great stability.



Retractable legs

All our cornholes have retractable legs for easier storage and transport.


Support plate on the back

Our 120x60cm cornhole boards has a stable and supportive plate on the back to further increase stability.

Cornhole games and boards (complete sets)

Order complete cornhole sets including bags for a promotional price

We offer you as a customer to order complete cornhole sets that contain 2 cornhole boards and 2×4 cornhole bags. These cornhole sets are for sale for a promotional price.

The bags included in the regular price are worth €98. These are of official competition size and are filled with plastic granules for best durability. The plastic makes the bags resistant to moisture and does not collect dust like old-fashioned bags filled with corn. Bags is our “Standard bags”.

Manufacturing process

This is how our cornhole boards are made

Our Cornhole boards are manufactured in collaboration with Europe’s leading cornhole factory and consist of birch plywood. It provides a stable board without them being too heavy and unwieldy to move.

The cornhole boards are manufactured in Asia by a high quality supplier where they are then shipped to Europe and our partner factory. On site in Europe, the boards undergo printing of the motif, varnishing and quality testing.

The hard and stable wood gives the bags a good shock when they land and is perfect for those who want to play “real” cornhole. Some of the boards also have handles on the sides and retractable legs to make storage as easy as possible. A tip is to hang the boards on the wall in the garage or storage room.

Our Cornhole games are moisture resistant but we recommend that you always store the boards and bags in a dry place when not in use. The landing surface is varnished but the rest of the frame should be varnished by you if you know it will be exposed to a lot of moisture.


The simple answer is that our COMP marked cornhole games are made of a better and more luxurious material compared to REC Premium. For example. the frame is more stable with an additional rule under the landing surface. The landing surface, in turn, is 15 mm thick instead of 12 mm as on the REC Premium.

A few selected games are ready for delivery in stock and will be shipped from our warehouse in Holland within 24 hours of your order being placed. Most deliveries in Europe then take place within 3-5 working days.

Our other range is printed after the order has been placed and is normally delivered within 5-10 working days

During certain periods there may be high pressure in the factory and the delivery time may be slightly extended. Contact us if you want to know more precisely.

We send both boards and bags together in a large carton. These are delivered directly to your home and you need to be there to receive the game. Postnord will offer you to book a “time slot” that suits you to receive the package.

Yes, you can order a cornhole game with your own design. We print e.g. photos, logos and messages on your new game. Read more under the “Custom cornhole boards” tab in the main menu.

Our cornholes consist of  birch to get as stiff a board as possible. After that, the boards are UV-printed with the desired motif and then varnished in 2-3 layers (depending on what board). The cornhole bags consist of plastic granules and canvas fabric for best durability and feeling.

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